SOUL in the WORKPLACE – authentic transformation with a passion for magnificent lives and a thriving world.

We offer profound and highly practical strategies that co-create amazing working lives and awesome workplaces.

We specialise in leadership coaching, facilitation and organisational alchemy using cutting edge social technologies.  We work one on one as well as with people in relationships, partnerships, teams, organisations and communities.  

SOUL in the WORKPLACE is committed to lives and workplaces that are;
Connected; filled with deep listening and appreciation, respect, trust, hope, integrity, openness, clarity, compassion and forgiveness
Energised by passion; fueled from within by the ultimate renewable energy source, wholly alive, fully present, in harmony with life,  joyful, opti-mystic, resilient and sustainable
Co-creating a better world; dynamically innovative, absolutely professional, with an innate love of learning, collaborating with others to deliver highly potent initiatives
Consciously evolving; actively reflective, aware of the power of elegant simplicity, inspired by vision, intentionality and insight, embracing change, open to emergence, sharing values, purpose and meaning 


SOUL in the WORKPLACE believes that intuitively we yearn for meaning, connection and purpose in our lives. Increasingly we want our work to a truer expression of who we really are whilst also contributing to better lives for others and a better world. We want to work with our heart and spirit as well as our head and our hands and, in so doing, integrate our physical, intellectual, emotional and conscious selves on a daily basis in all that we do.


“Right here right now, the field of unlimited possibility is shining in plain view simply waiting for you to awaken to its joyous beauty and wonder. This field, some people call this the field of dreams, is much more than that. It is beyond any dream or expectation, yet allows for the ultimate fulfillment of all that matters. This field exists beyond the mind, beyond our hopes and dreams, beyond our concepts and beliefs and beyond any sense of limitation. This field at the same time gives life to all that appears. Since it is already here, you do not need to achieve it, earn it, deserve it, understand it, find it, or even know it’s there. You simply can awaken to this field in any moment .”

Hale Dwoskin