What others say

SOUL in the WORKPLACE is deeply grateful to the many inspiring and amazing people that have been collaborative partners over the last few years.  We aim for awesome but happily settle for flaw-some!

It is humbling to remember that ”We are three people; the person we think we are, the person others think we are and the person we really are.”


“Jill has been my mentor, coach and creative collaborator for the past 10 years. She has an outstanding ability to illuminate human potential, inspire confidence and open up insight that allows people to change, grow and evolve. I know with the reflection of her wisdom I have been able to explore new horizons and higher reaches; both individually and collectively in my work as a psychologist and organisational leader.
What I find most refreshing about Jill is her authenticity and boundless positivity. It is rare to engage with someone who is wholeheartedly living what they inspire others to do. If you want to start dancing with the universe then Jill is an excellent instructor to teach you the steps!”

Dr Melisah Feeney B.Sc (Hons), PhD, MAPS,  National Manager Program Quality & Development, Australian Red Cross, Melbourne, Australia. 


“Meeting, working with and observing Jill Knell has been one of life’s absolute joys and privileges. Three words come to mind immediately – passion (for her work, for people and for humanity), integrity (she is calm, balanced, focused and impeccable with her word) and creativity (she is innovative, intuitive, fresh and full of surprises).  I have seen and worked with many excellent facilitators and group program designers, but few measure up to Jill. She has an extraordinary ability to tune in to a group and to take them to places and heights that one wouldn’t have thought possible – all with a sense of ease, and with wonderful, warm humour.”

Roger West, Director, WestWood Spice, Sydney, Australia


“It has been my great gift of having the opportunity to work together with Jill Knell in a variety of situations, both in the United States and Australia. We have co-facilitated group programs as well as co-creating a number of potent developmental programs. Jill approaches all her work with passion, total professionalism and purpose and she is able to simplify complex situations into simple workable solutions.  She has always demonstrated to me the depth and diversity of her knowledge of our shared humanity and our capacity for development. I have been touched by her skill and deep compassion to support individuals and teams to be the best they can be. I love working with her and welcome any opportunity to do so.  I unreservedly recommend Jill and her work.”

Peter Wallman, Principal Facilitator, Passion Maps©, Sydney, Australia


“I have experienced map-making three times now with Jill in the context of personal reflection and professional coaching at critical points in my life. Each new map is a living energy/passion-gauge and becomes a critical tool when new opportunities emerge and decisions are needed. The process is to be trusted, as I trust Jill as a mapping facilitator, her skill, her regard, her respect, her passion for passion.”

Assoc Prof Wendy Earles, Cairns, Australia


“Jill has assisted me significantly in developing my leadership skills. Jill has empowered me to learn new approaches, in addition to building on my strengths as a practitioner. I have also utilised Jill within the workplace and have found her interaction with the staff exceptional, as are the outcomes she is able to assist staff in achieving. Jills’ passionate approach is like a breath of fresh air. I find her sessions deeply inspiring!”

 Natalie Musumeci – Social Worker and Manager of Street to Home Homeless Program, Cairns, Australia.


“I have known and worked with Jill for many years. I have learned much from her thoughtful comments and ideas. She brings a deep sense of compassion and worldliness to her work. It makes learning new things, even embarrassing things fun. I want to continue working and learning with her.”

 Dr Peter Rennie, Managing Director, Leadership Australia, Melbourne


“Our intention was to formulate a vision and a guide for our future marriage. The experience was magical and allowed us to immerse ourselves in a sacred space.  The facilitation was sublime, full of respect and humour and almost absent in a positive way putting us at ease.  Our Relationship Passion Map will become a well-used tool in decision-making and act as a reminder of our intentions for our marriage.  We were fully satisfied with the process and outcome.”

 Wendy and Peter, Cairns, Australia.


“Jill’s coaching assisted me in broadening and sharpening my perspective on the immediate issues in which I desired clarity. Her ability to reflect back to me what I most needed to know, through a combination of playful tools and insightful questions, allowed me to see the situation in a more expansive light that eased my concerns and got me back on track.”

Dr. Elaine Harding, Thrivability Consulting, Clifton Beach, Australia


” I’ve worked with Jill for the past year with great results; Jill’s professionalism, flexibility and ability to work across so many areas has been excellent. I always felt Jill was actively listening and present during our interactions, evidenced by her ability to tailor sessions to meet my needs, which is an area of strength, I believe, for Jill.   Jill has provided both one on one and group services with myself and staff and her advice has been spot on.  Jill has worked with me, my staff and colleagues on a range of things, from strategic planning, developing communication and business management to team building and leadership . Her theoretical knowledge of business development is excellent; it is clear to me that she has spent much time and money on her own learning and development over the years.  I have recommended Jill to family and colleagues who were impressed with the quality and range of services she was able to provide. I’ll continue to make these recommendations as I believe Jill is a learned, professional operator and her services delivered to a high standard.”

Krista Konemann, Cairns, Australia.


“Centacare Cairns has used Jill Knell’s services on a number of occasions working with teams, supervisory staff and managers.  Jill has an ability to adapt her training to suit a variety of learning styles and we have always found her work to be very practical and easily implemented.  Jill has a lovely, peaceful and fun style that fosters a yearning to learn.  Her developmental style is very useful particularly when team relations may not be as functional as one might expect.  We will certainly use Jill’s skills again to enhance our learning and develop our teams.”

Helga Biro, Executive Director, Centacare Cairns, Australia.


“Jill’s passion for improvement in the culture and well-being of the individual and the organisation is outstanding.  She is creative and innovative in the development and implementation of ideas.  I value her contribution, particularly because she has a personal style that is assertive whilst being extremely collaborative.  I appreciate and value her contribution to our regional leadership team.”

Michael Linnan, Regional Executive Director, FNQ Department of Communities, Cairns, Australia.


“Jill’s ability to tease the passion out of the most understated utterance brought the passion mapping process to life. I found the whole experience to be insightful and sometimes confronting, not about Jill’s style, rather me having to confront the life consequences of not having been consistently zappy, albeit there may have been some legitimate reasons behind it.
The Passion Map program was always fun and zappy and totally worthwhile. Passionability is more than a map, it is a state of mind and an everyday indulgence. Thanks Jill, love your work .. “

Paul Martin, B Bus (Acc), Cairns, Australia.


SOUL in the WORKPLACE recent collaborations include:

  • Act for Kids (Cairns)
  • Anglicare North Queensland (Cairns)
  • ARC Disability Services (Cairns)
  • Australian Quarantine Inspection Service (Cairns, Thursday Island, Brisbane , Sydney)
  • Benevolent Society (Cairns)
  • Cairns Collective Impact on Domestic and Family Violence
  • Cairns Community Legal Centre
  • Cairns Homelessness Hub
  • Cairns Regional Council
  • Cairns Regional Domestic Violence Service
  • Centacare Cairns
  • Disability Services Queensland (Cairns)
  • FNQ Disability Sector Training Fund Coalition (Cairns)
  • Hambledon House (Cairns)
  • Imaginif (Cairns)
  • James Cook University (Townsville, Cairns)
  • KEE International (Munich)
  • Leadership Australia (Melbourne)
  • Lifeline Community Care (Cairns)
  • Link-Up Queensland (Brisbane)
  • Mission Australia (Cairns)
  • North Queensland Womens Legal Service
  • Passion Maps© (Cairns, Byron Bay, Sydney, Arizona)
  • Port Douglas Community Services Network
  • Queensland Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships (Cairns, Brisbane)
  • Queensland Department of Child Safety (Cairns, Thursday Island)
  • Queensland Department of Communities (Cairns, Brisbane)
  • Queensland Domestic Violence Services Network
  • Queensland Department of Health (Cairns)
  • Queensland Department of Premier & Cabinet
  • Queensland Indigenous Family Violence Legal Service
  • Queensland Health and Community Services Workforce Council (Brisbane)
  • Queensland Police Service
  • Ruth’s Women’s Shelter (Cairns)
  • Shelter Housing Action Cairns
  • Spirituality, Leadership & Management Network (Perth, Cairns, Sydney, Melbourne)
  • St. John’s Community Care (Cairns)
  • Sustainability Coach (Gold Coast)
  • Swinburne University of Technology (Melbourne)
  • Tropical North Queensland Institute of TAFE (Cairns)
  • WestWood Spice (Sydney)
  • Wet Tropics Management Authority
  • Women’s Information and Referral Services (Cairns)
  • Wu Chopperen Aboriginal Health Service (Cairns)
  • Youth Empowered Towards Independence (Cairns)
  • Zenith Pacific Pty Ltd (Cairns)




“Out beyond ideas of wrong-doing and right-doing there is a field. I’ll meet you there.  When the soul lies down in that grass the world is too full to talk about. Ideas, language, even the phrase ‘each other’ doesn’t make any sense.”